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The Taste of Hawaii's Candy Fortune Cookies!....
Fortune Cookies Made Fresh Daily in Hawaii!

Aloha and Welcome! Featuring Hawaii's finest Chinese fortune cookies in plain, full chocolate, and 1/2 dipped.   All are individually wrapped, sealed and hand made to order. Freshness guaranteed!  Open the wrapper and smell the freshness!  Regular size fortune cookies are approximately 2-1/2" in diameter and Giant size fortune cookies are approximately 5-1/2" in diameter.  Much larger than the ones usually seen.  No rush orders please. New!  Featuring Chocolate covered Oreos.**All orders are guaranteed in perfect condition when packed and shipped from here. We cannotrefund for any damages done to the product due to rough handling during shipping.  Please allow for breakage.  **Please note:  During the hot summer months from June through October we recommend USPS Express Shipping on all Chocolate covered fortune cookies .** No restrictions for Oahu customers. 

For Personalized Custom messages, write exactly what you want to say.

Regular size cookies:  Maximum - 120 total characters  (including spaces).

Giant size cookies:  Maximum - 500 total characters (including spaces).

Clip Arts:  Disney | Baby | Wedding | Hawaiian | Asian | Hearts | Sports | Dinosaurs | Animals

Holiday | Health | Misc. | Graduation |  Or your own clear portrait


Plain (No chocolate) Fortune Cookies

"Regular size" Plain fortune cookies  (minimum of 30)

Plain "GIANT"  fortune cookies w/ white "take-out" carton included. (Minimum of 5)

Custom Message Regular size .45 each + message fee

Generic House Messages Regular size .40 each

Custom Giant size $5.50 each


"Regular Size" Plain  fortune cookies with Twisty Tie.  (Minimum of 30)


Available twisty tie colors:  

blue, red, green, fuschia, silver, and gold.


Custom Message w/twisty tie .65 each + message fee

Generic House Messages w/ twisty tie .60 each




Full Dipped Decorated Fortune Cookies


"Regular Size" 

Choice of  Candy Decoration: 

        1.  Flowers: yellow, blue,

              pink, red, white, and purple.  

         2.  Hearts in  pink, red, and white.

*other candy decorations are available (see below)

minimum order:  30

$1.60 each

"Giant Size"  - Full dipped 

Green Floral gift box included.  (No Minimum) 

Choice of Candy decoration:  

   1.   Hearts available in red, pink, or white.  

   2.   Flowers in pink, yellow, red, white,

         purple, or blue. 

$16.00 each

Please allow 7-10 business days to make.



1/2  dipped giant size fortune Cookies

Giant Size 1/2 dipped



Regular size
1/2  dipped regular size fortune Cookies - starting from $1.45





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